• Turnaround time?

    All the process typically takes about 5-9 days in total:

    - Script writing - 2 days;

    - Voiceover recording - 1-3 days;

    - Animation - 1-3 days;

    - Revisions- 1-3 days.

    You may choose to "Jump The Queue", for an additional $50.

    Your video will be delivered within 3 days from the point of script approval.

  •  How does it work?

    All we would need you to do is fill out a short questionnaire about your product. Once this has been filled out, our script writer will prepare a draft script for you. You will be able to provide feedback, and once you’re happy, it will be sent over to voiceover and animation. You will then receive the final video, which you will again be able to request changes on. This process typically takes about 5-9 days in total, and you will have a point of contact through out the entire process for any questions you might have.


    You are entitled to 2 revisions included in the cost.  Additional revisions are charged at $50/hr rate.  You will know the final cost before any work is done.

  •  Can I order more than 90 seconds?

    Yes, you can order any length you want and you can customize your order as you desire. If it goes a little over, no need to worry about extra cost... we're flexible (wink).

  •  These usually cost $450 and even more. Why do you offer such a low price - $200?

    Since we are young company, and my partners and I work out of my house,  we are able to offer low-cost alternative and personalized service because...

    We have no HR department.

    We have no legal department.

    We pay no rent.

    We have no healthcare, no board of directors, no marketing department.

    We don't even have employees so you will only interact with a principal partner.

  •  Can I speak with someone before I order?

    Of course! One of the partners will need to speak with all clients before work begins.

  • What's the catch?

    Our service is NOT for everyone. There is nothing wrong with wanting something exactly the way you want it, but only up to a point.  When a client expects to exert control over the manner in which our work is completed, instead of just trusting our process, it will put a drag on our work-flow. If one of our clients is requiring extra hours of work outside of the original scope of the project, or gets hung up on every excruciating detail, that client is taking away time we could put toward doing work for other clients, so these are the kind of situations we wish to avoid. If you are concerned only with driving traffic to your site and converting prospects into sales, we can help you do that.

    "If you demand a good steak and fine bordeaux, you don't go to McDonald's"

    We are the McDonalds of video in the sense we look only to attract clients who require a tasty video, fast, and for a low cost.


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